FreeTON l33t Pool
DePool size: 1.400.000+ tokens / 1% commission
FreeTON economy
FreeTON is emerging blockchain network built on top of the TON protocol, originaly developed by Telegram Team.
FreeTON is a Proof of Stake network. New blocks are produced by validators who 'stake' their money.
The more money validator stake, the more reward he gets.
You can become a validator by yourself if you have 500.000+ of tokens and tech skills.
Current yearly yield is between 7% and 10%.
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There are special contracts called 'DePools'. They are used by people how do not want/do not have enough tokens to be a validator.
You can stake your tokens using DePools and get rewards from validation.
You can get your money back at any time. And they are not accessible by validator, but can be used only in validation process.
In case the DePool you put money in do not participate in elections or do no validate well after elections, you will get your validation reward in full! It is done using 'validator assurance' mechanics.
Our DePool and vision
Current DePool assets: 1.400.000+ tokens.
- Own tokens staked: 990.000 tokens.
- Minimum stake: 10 tokens.
- New stakes soft-limit*: 0 tokens.
- Validator assurance: 375.000 tokens.
Our DePool has the lowest possible fee on the market. We take only 1% from your validation reward.
Why? Because we stake our own tokens in this DePool and think people should benefit from validation in full.
Actual Validator assurance is more than 750.000 tokens. It is done by locked and vesting stake we received from the FreeTON governance.
* We guarantee that stakes below soft-limit will participate in validation and get full rewards. This soft-limit will constantly rise as network evolve.
How to Stake
Our DePool address is
You can stake using Surf and tonos-cli command line utils.
Stake with tonos-cli
If your use basic (non-Surf) wallet, command to stake is
Stake with Surf
If you use Surf wallet you need to perform 'Backup Master Password' in Surf app and then use it as a 'seed phrase' to create SetcodeMultisigWallet:
  • Download SetcodeMultisigWallet2.tvc and SetcodeMultisigWallet.abi.json files.
  • - should match with your address in Surf.